RIP Chief 16′

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Update 5/27 – More photos of the trip here.

So I took a lovely trip down the Toe River this weekend with the folks from Riverlink.  The whole trip was really enjoyable.  Here is photo of my canoe packed with all our gear as we portage across a rapid.  The river was a bit low, so many of the rapids were difficult for the canoes to pass.


Like I said the whole trip was really fun. My canoe sprung a few leaks about halfway through the two day journey, but that was manageable with a little bailing every 10 minutes or so.

About 4 hours into the 2nd day my Chief 16′ canoe decided that it wanted to go out with a bang.

I’ll leave the full story for another spot, but needless to say, my canoe sank.


Or more accurately, it got stuck on a rock, filled with water, snapped in half, and then sunk.  I was still sitting in it when all of this happened, and I probably could have stayed there, but the dog that was with me seemed to want to go elsewhere.  So I dragged the dog across the 4 or 5 feet of water that separated me from the shore. I then returned to the canoe to fetch all of my camera equipment and camping gear which was securely strapped to the submerged vessel.

Here’s a animation of the insane dog “Junebug” who I helped out of the rapids…going down a set of rapids (the second time.)

Natural Pest Controllers

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From the BBC comes this story about Owls and Kestrels being used as Pest control.  Aside from really liking this photo, I like the idea of using these birds as an alternative to pesticide.

Here’s a link to The World Owl Trust, the organization that works with farmers to put up the nest boxes.

Aki Kaurismäki

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The Criterion Collection now has a box set available from Aki Kaurismäki, one of my favorite directors.  It’s called The Proletariat Trilogy and to call these films bleak would be an understatement. However the films are filled with the very subtle deadpan humor that makes all of Kaurismäki’s work unique.

There is a great interview with Kaurismäki here.

Jason Reblando

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Jason Reblando’s 17 stories is both visually and conceptually striking.

Birds and Rivers

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Ok, so this isn’t a music blog.  One of the obvious reasons I’ll freely admit to this is that the only two posts on this site about music, are about Bill Callahan.  Who sings about two of my favorite subjects…

His new album is out and it’s one of his best, as Bill Callahan or Smog.

My favorite line  “I used to be darker/ Then I got lighter/ Then I got dark again.” A reviewer from Pitchfork actually talks about this line in his review of the album.


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Picture 4.png

Nate Abramowski’s work on the modern american male is interesting.  His use of the panoramic format shows an cinematic influence.  The style and subject matter of his work reminds me of a Norwegian film I watched recently, The Bothersome Man by Jens Lien, which is one of the best films I’ve seen this year.
BM press_03.jpg

Prix Pictet

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Picture 21.png

While looking for images by Benoit Aquin I found the Shortlist for the 2008 Prix Pictet, which is an award for sustainablity in photography.

Jeff Whetstone

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The New Wilderness series by Jeff Whetstone is really worth a close look.  I’m usually a Color snob, but his use of black and white has a very contemporary aesthetic.

Marco Bohr

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Marco Bohr.png

Judging from his website, Marco Bohr seems to be relatively prolific.

Scott Conarroe

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I really like Scott Conarroe’s work.  Most of it has the same Andreas Gursky perspective of 50 feet off the ground that is so familiar, yet slightly unsettling.  His video works are also amazing.

Alexi Hobbs

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Picture 2.png

I like all of the work on Alexi Hobbs site, although my favorites are the ones with atmosphere…

The Appalachian Photographers Project

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My work is now part of the Appalachian Photographers Project.  I am really excited to be part of this group, there are some really great photographers who are participating.  There is a great story featuring the project on the NPR blog.
Picture 1.jpg

Kingston – Harriman Coal Ash Spill

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These are photos from a trip I took back in late January.  They document the Coal Fly Ash spill the took place in December along the Clinch River.
Jeff_Rich__DSC0145.jpg Jeff_Rich__DSC0141.jpg Jeff_Rich__DSC0139.jpg

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